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Providing the best family farm greens for over 150 years


How It Works

To get the best Microgreens all year round, you just need to follow a few steps


Look Around

Have some fun going through the site. See all that we offer and why we do what we do.


Cart or Contact

Order from our preselect options like you're on Amazon or get in touch with us directly for any bulk orders.

(Currently delivering within a 6 mile radius of Mundelein + Lake Forest/Bluff area)(Wheatgrass is nationwide)


Dive In

After you've ordered you'll get all your greens delivered directly to you! This is your time to breathe and take in just how awesome your next meal is gonna be. 


Help Us, Help You

Once you've calmed down from the excitement you will feel, let us know how we did. We're here for you after all and welcome to the Powerful Greens family!

Water Conservation

With 70% of the worlds water being used for agriculture, microgreens become a great alternative to get the vitamins, minerals, and protein you need. A whopping 90% savings in water, makes these special plants a must to help save our Earth.

Why Us?

So Much More Nutrients

With up to 40X the nutrients, compared to their adult counterparts, microgreens are levels above when it comes to getting your daily doses.

Locally Grown and Delivered

We take pride in being a local small business. With us being so close to you all, we get to provide delivery within 24 hours of harvest and you know you get to support a family just like yours in the area.

Join the Family

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